Corporate Social Responsibility

We live on the sunny side of life and are aware of this. That is why corporate social responsibility is important to us. We consciously go beyond mere pro bono activities.

We assume social responsibility in many different ways instead. We select a charitable organisation or project which we support with donations or, in some cases, with our active participation every year. In the past, we have been involved in environmental and nature conservation projects as well as in refugees and development aid.

You are welcome to make suggestions for projects worthy of support. Let us discuss whether we should become active together.


Dear clients and colleagues,

This year we have decided not to send Christmas cards. Instead, we are again supporting a charitable project - this year the WWF. You can find more information about WWF projects and support opportunities at:

We hope this is also in your interest and wish you and your families a peaceful Christmas season and all the best for 2021.

This year we have supported the non-profit association "Zeltschule e.V.".

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children live in temporary tent cities at the Lebanese-Syrian border. They have no access to education and, instead, have to work in order to prevent their families from starving. Adult Syrians are not allowed to work and earn a living in Lebanon. Child labour is a grey area.

Under the motto "Wir machen Schule", the association builds schools in refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria. Syrian teachers teach Arabic, Mathematics, English, Science and Music according to the Syrian curriculum. To enable the children to go to school every day, the tent school also provides the children's families with water and food and medical care. Only this way it is possible for the children to attend school.

Further information about this great project and support possibilities can be found at:

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