Resolving Disputes

Dispute resolution is our speciality. Whether in arbitral proceedings or before state courts. We conduct your proceedings with commitment and personal dedication. We negotiate for you when efficient solutions to the conflict are needed. And we also stand by your side in mediations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Always independent, free of conflicts.



Our core competence is the conduct of national and international arbitrations. Through our work in over 100 arbitrations, we gained experience that surpasses that of many large law firms. Our clients benefit from the fact that we also know the judge's perspective from Prof. Dr. Baumann's frequent work as an arbitrator.

Our experience in arbitral proceedings extends far beyond the German-speaking area. We have conducted arbitrations relating to more than 30 countries under all common arbitration rules (ICC, DIS, SIAC, HKIAC, ad hoc). We understand the differences in legal culture; Prof. Dr. Baumann is also admitted to the New York bar as an attorney at law, which is why we are particularly familiar with the Anglo-American legal thinking. Furthermore, if absolutely necessary, we collaborate with our partner law firms abroad.

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We represent our clients before state courts in all business-related disputes. In the last years, we have handled a wide range of disputes: from shareholder disputes in large joint-ventures, to court procedures to determine the value of an enterprise, or to defend against actions by predatory shareholders, to investor liability actions for ship funds, and disputes about the liability of advisors. We are well versed.

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Dispute Resolution

We understand that managing legal proceedings is not the core business of our clients. As a rule, litigation should be avoided or at least resolved quickly and efficiently. Therefore, strategic negotiation is very important for us. This is not the only reason why Prof. Dr. Baumann holds a lectureship for negotiation management at the University of Osnabrueck.

And we know that in the end, many high volume disputes are settled by agreement of the parties. Often there are non-legal aspects that drive the parties to an agreement. Quite a few conflicts are not decided in a real courtroom but in the courtroom of public opinion. For these cases, it is important to think outside the box of legal tools from an early stage on. We can do that.




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