Germany’s and Europe’s energy industries have experienced significant structural change, bringing about complex legal questions: Who bears the technical, commercial and political risk in innovative large-scale projects? Do long-term supply or storage contracts require price adjustments? We have provided solution-oriented advice to our clients, for example, in legal disputes surrounding the gas balancing system or in connection with the construction of offshore wind farms and solar plants.

A selection of past cases

  • Represented a technology company in independent evidentiary proceedings for the delivery of allegedly defective photovoltaic systems.
  • Conducted a DIS-administered arbitration for the operating company of an offshore wind farm in connection with a dispute over the wind farm’s construction.
  • Represented a plant construction company outside the courts regarding claims from the supply of biomass power plants to Brazil and the arrangement of export guarantees.
  • Represented a turbine supplier for an offshore wind farm outside the courts against his supplier because of the delivery of defective parts.
  • Defended a supplier of “transition pieces” for an offshore wind farm against claims asserted by the wind farm’s constructor, inter alia in DAB proceedings.

Mandates as arbitrator

  • Presiding arbitrator in ad hoc arbitration concerning price adjustments in a long-term gas storage contract.
  • Co-arbitrator in a DIS-administered arbitration concerning price adjustment in a long-term gas procurement agreement.
  • Presiding arbitrator in a DIS-administered arbitration concerning disputes over the gas distribution balancing system.
  • Sole arbitrator in an ICC-administered arbitration concerning subrogated commission claims related to the development and sale of photovoltaic systems.