Arbitration and litigation on the highest level.

In a professional, pragmatic, and assertive manner. This is how we represent our clients in international arbitration and litigation proceedings. In doing so, we combine the quality standards of a large law firm with the autonomy and independence of a legal boutique. This makes us unique – hence we feature the unicorn in our logo.


  • Prof. Dr. Antje Baumann

    Prof. Dr. Antje Baumann


  • Kathrin Asschenfeldt

    Kathrin Asschenfeldt


  • Despina-Amaryllis Germanidis

    Despina-Amaryllis Germanidis

    Associate | Rechtsanwältin

  • Dr. Christoph R. Möller

    Dr. Christoph R. Möller

    Associate | Rechtsanwalt

  • Dr. Ulrich Theune

    Dr. Ulrich Theune

    Of Counsel

  • Sandra Gräbe

    Sandra Gräbe

    Office Management

  • Elisa Hohaus

    Elisa Hohaus

    Research Associate

  • Antonia Kathmann

    Antonia Kathmann

    Research Associate

  • Jonas Klein

    Jonas Klein

    Research Associate

  • Krícia Pires

    Krícia Pires

    Research Associate


Corporate Disputes


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sector

Machinery and Plant Engineering, Heavy Industry

Industry 4.0 and IP/IT

Manager’s and Advisor’s Liability

Financial Advisor’s Liability

Maritime Economy, Logistics and Transport

ESG and Compliance



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