Resolving Disputes

BAUMANN Resolving Disputes - Arbitration and Litigation at the highest level

Professional, pragmatic and determined. We represent our clients in international arbitration and litigation proceedings. With the high quality standards of major law firms but with the independence and freedom from conflict of a boutique. This makes us unique - and that is why we carry the unicorn in our logo.

According to the lawyers‘ magazine JUVE, Prof. Dr. Antje Baumann is one of the "most in demand arbitrators" in Germany. Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers awarded her as "Lawyer of the Year" in 2018. Antje Baumann has acted as arbitrator in more than 60, mostly international arbitration proceedings, mostly as president of the tribunal. Due to her perspective as a judge, she knows what is important to win cases. Her clients, whom she represents with her team in commercial disputes of all kinds, benefit from this experience.


Resolving Disputes


Our core competence is the conduct of national and international arbitrations. Through our work in over 100 arbitrations, we gained experience that surpasses that of many large law firms. more ›


We represent our clients before state courts in all business-related disputes. In the last years, we have handled a wide range of disputes. more ›

Dispute Resolution

We understand that managing legal proceedings is not the core business of our clients. As a rule, litigation should be avoided or at least resolved quickly and efficiently. more ›



In the past years, the energy sector in Germany and Europe has been marked by major structural upheavals as a result of market liberalisation and the transition from conventional to renewable energy. This has led to complex legal issues. more ›

Corporate Disputes

Corporate takeovers follow their own very specific economic and legal logic. Anyone who is unfamiliar with it cannot provide proper advice in this area. A lawyer must understand how to calculate the purchase price on the basis of balance sheets, how tax risks are allocated and what the seller’s disclosure obligations are. more ›

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical and chemical industries are concerned with expensive long-term research, the results of which must be protected. Often disputes about the distribution of the products in foreign markets arise. In addition, the industry is becoming increasingly regulated, which gives rise to disputes with public law implications. more ›

Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction, Heavy Industry

In mechanical engineering and plant construction, most disputes have a technical background. Here, technical responsibilities decide the legal dispute more than legal details. The lawyer's task here is to understand the technical issues and to process them in such a way that an arbitral tribunal or a court develops the necessary technical understanding. more ›

Industry 4.0 and IT/IP

We also have experience in the area of Industry 4.0. The future project for comprehensive digitalisation is often already present and in case of conflict we can advise you on this at the highest level. more ›

Manager and Consultant Liability

Management, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board are increasingly exposed to liability risks. If the company is doing badly and incurs losses, one must ask if this was caused simply by the realisation of inherent business risks or  if personal misconduct is involved. External consultants, such as investment bankers, auditors or lawyers are increasingly being called upon for recourse as well. more ›

Financial Advisor Liability

We take over the procedural representation of our clients if they are accused of giving incorrect advice when finalising complex financial transactions. We are also the right contact for our clients in all other disputes in connection with banking transactions and capital market law. more ›

Maritime Economy, Logistics and Transport

The port of Hamburg is the largest seaport in Germany. As a locally based law firm, we are of course also familiar with the maritime economy. more ›


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