Machinery and Plant Engineering, Heavy Industry

In machinery and plant engineering, most disputes have a technical background. Understanding technical intricacies is often more important than the legal details. Lawyers must be able to fully understand and present technical issues so that an (arbitration) court can develop the necessary understanding of the problem. In doing so, the lawyer becomes a translator between engineers and judges. We know our way around this kind of work: From foundries to blast furnaces and glass smelters, from maritime propulsion systems to power plants and rail vehicles—we like technology and manage such disputes with the necessary know-how.

A selection of past cases

  • Represented a foundry and industry holding company in a dispute concerning allegedly defective melt from an external cupola furnace for products made of (un-)alloyed spheroidal graphite iron.
  • Advised a manufacturer of passenger trains on issues concerning the delivery of defective train windows.
  • Represented a manufacturer of glass fibre cables concerning damages to a melting furnace due to a faulty tempering process.
  • Represented the manufacturer of supplements in a dispute concerning the late delivery of a production plant and the subsequent claims for damages caused by delay. *

*) These mandates were handled before the time at BAUMANN Resolving Disputes.

Mandates as arbitrator

  • Presiding arbitrator in an ad hoc arbitration concerning claims for compensation and damages in connection with delivering a cooling system for a nuclear power plant.